“Panimula” : new beginnings

Another batch of children has graduated from Stairway’s Residential Program.  We celebrated this momentous occasion with poetry, song and words of wisdom.  Over the past months, we have witnessed amazing transformations in the children that went beyond all expectations.  All have become well balanced children with very positive and healthy outlooks on life, and all are prepared for a new beginning outside of Stairway.

As it has been the case for the past may years, we could once again truly conclude that this batch of boys has been the best ever!  A testimony to the enormous potential lying within almost each and every child left to a life of destitute, denied of their rights to what is the essence of childhood, love and affection.

Over the past 5 years, we have enjoyed a high success rate of children continuing to lead productive and fulfilling lives.  Of the 60 boys who graduated from Stairway’s Residential Program only 2 went back to the streets.

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