EACY Dive School

Enjoy Scuba Diving and support Stairway Foundation!

EACY Dive School is the most recent initiative under Stairway Foundation. It falls under our Environmental Awareness for Children and Youth (EACY) Program.

The EACY Dive School was initiated and launched with the support from Scuba for Change with the objectives to:

  • Promote and execute safe diving with the outmost respect for conservation of the marine environment
  • Operate a dive school where 100% of the proceeds go into sustaining programs for child protection and environmental protection
  • Explore and develop strategies to influence the local community, including the department of tourism, the department of education and the dive industry, to be active in protecting the environment as a model for replication nationwide.

Like any other program and component under Stairway Foundation, the EACY Dive School is managed and operated with strict transparency and external independent audit of all financial transactions. EACY students and divers can be absolutely sure that 100% of all proceeds are going into sustaining our programs for child- and environmental protection.

100% of all proceeds go into our programs for protecting children’s rights and conservation of our uniquely beautiful environment.

Visit EACY Dive School for information about PADI Courses and fun-dives.

The Philippines is home to the most biologically diverse waters on Earth, and the area around Puerto Galera is a biodiversity hotspot!