Does the Help help?

In the quiet corners of local communities, amidst the laughter and dreams of children, lies the heart of Stairway Foundation’s mission: to protect and promote children’s rights. 

 A collaborative film project- Does the Help Help?

In collaboration with the Danish film company, the Copenhagen Film Company, and a school in Copenhagen, Denmark, Stairway has embarked on a documentary film project entitled Does the Help Help? a project to educate and inspire young people about Danish development aid and how the help and support of Danish communities significantly impact Stairway’s programs and services. The idea of the project is for young people to create informative films that will become a bridge of discussion between the youth in the North and the South.

Learning over Zoom

The project started last November, with the 14 boys in the Family Home Program delving into capturing different activities and initiatives supported by Stairway in protecting and promoting children’s rights. The boys uploaded their video stories, sharing them with Ulrik and Casper of the Copenhagen Film Company, who viewed the videos and gave them feedback over Zoom, guiding them, providing support, and allowing the children to explore their creativity and develop stories based on their perspectives.

A Deep Journey into the Lives of the Community

In the sweltering summer heat in April, amidst the dusty streets and crossing rivers, we started to trek back to the different communities based on the boys’ final four films. The filming experience was not merely a matter of capturing scenes on camera. Instead, it was a deep journey into the lives of the people in the community with whom Stairway works, from intimate interviews to candid moments of daily life, capturing the human stories and allowing the stories of the communities to unfold with authenticity.

Reflections- Does the Help Help?

Looking back on my experience working with our kids in the Family Home Program, with the Copenhagen Film Company, and working on the “Does the Help, Help?” project, I realize that providing support on this project isn’t just about facilitating the logistics of filmmaking but nurturing a vision that aims to educate and inspire young people about their capacity to contribute to change and development and amplify young people’s voices through their lens.

I am grateful to our Stairway team for their support throughout the project and the opportunity to work with the Copenhagen Film Company. It has been a privilege to hear stories about the indelible mark of Stairway’s work, which illuminates the lives of the children and families in the local community.

It was a journey of creativity, teamwork, and a shared commitment to making a difference – one frame at a time.