Child Friendly

Stairway creates 16 child friendly spaces and counseling room

Hauling a jeepney full of toys, books, art materials, fabric, furniture, paints and other assorted supplies around Metro Manila was quite a task for Birgit Lind, who is a board member of Stairway Denmark, and volunteer in Stairway Foundation.  Assisted by SFI employees, Jhao Guttierrez and Jorimar Agbing, the three person team managed to complete in seven days, child friendly spaces in 16  police stations around Metro Manila, as well as SFI’s new counseling room located in the Manila office.

Since 2007, Stairway began to forge a strong relationship with the National Women and Children’s Police Desk office with agreements on capacity building as well as the development of child friendly spaces with the WCPD stations.

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