Stairway kids learn coding

In early April, the Stairway boys started coding classes. The first class focused on HTML-Website building and the second class focused on Ruby, the programming language used in the Sonic Pi music creation program. After just four lessons, we all saw the tremendous potential and fun in learning how to code.

Sonic Pi teaches the basics of coding by creatively composing or performing music in various styles. One feature of Sonic Pi is the immediate feedback, which it gives in the form of music played by the computer synthesizer. A straightforward and clever way to learn basic coding.

Engaging and fun

In the classes, the boys learn continuously, slowly building their knowledge through trial and error and many experiments. In addition, with Sonic PI, every note requires a line of code. For example, as the boys advance, they can add pre-made samples, mix files and code, which adds to the complexity.

Moreover, the boys improve their English skills and the lessons quickly build upon the basic principles becoming more advanced. The classes require immense mental effort and sometimes stretch the limits of their attention span – yet, we still move forward. Luckily, the kids have two significant advantages – they have an extraordinarily vivid imagination and are 100% fearless.

Kuya Niels and ate Susan facilitate the Sonic PI classes every Tuesday and Thursday. The final output will be a small tune from each student.

By Niels Jensby, volunteer, SFI