Stairway’s 4th Annual Chess Tournament

Stairway recently held its highly anticipated 4th Annual Chess Tournament. The event witnessed the participation of sixteen young minds from the Family Home Program, each displaying their prowess on the chequered battlefield. The tournament spanned the entire months of June and July, culminating in a gripping championship round on July 27, 2023. The resonating clack of chess pieces and the focused concentration of young players marked the tournament’s progression. The boys engaged in each move and exchange with eagerness and passion as if unraveling a complex puzzle. Strategies evolved as the days turned into weeks, testing their mental acuity.

The championship round was the climax of weeks of preparation and anticipation. The air charged with excitement and tension; Stairway staff and volunteers gathered to witness the boys engage in a battle of wits.

The final move clinched the win, and the victor emerged. The Function Room reverberated with applause and pride. John Mark secured the coveted title of “Champion” in the tournament. His strategic ability to foresee multiple moves ahead set him apart, and he showcased an impressive incorporation of analytical thinking and calculated risk-taking. With his unwavering determination and keen understanding of the game, Dexter secured 1st place. A close 2nd was John Philip, who displayed resilience and creativity in his strategies—JM, who clinched 3rd place, showed tenacity and thoughtful gameplay that earned him well-deserved recognition.

The Annual Chess Tournament was a celebration of the mind’s ingenuity and a tribute to the bonds formed within the program. Through the ups and downs of the tournament, our young chess enthusiasts honed their skills and learned valuable life lessons about patience, sportsmanship, and the thrill of healthy competition.

Daphne S. Dabay, Educator, Family Home Program