Sea turtle eggs relocated

Did you know that it takes decades for a sea turtle to reach sexual maturity?  And that after mating at sea, adult female sea turtles generally return to the same beaches where they were hatched to lay eggs?  In the ebb of a December night, a female sea turtle hauled herself onto our local beach to find a suitable place to create a nest.  Just at the mouth of a culvert that discharges waste water, she deposited around 100 eggs.  Stairway contacted the Puerto Galera Department of Environment and Natural Resources.  They came out, dug up the eggs and relocated them to a fenced nursery, which Stairway built, to protect them.

Hopefully, in about six weeks to two months (depending on the species of sea turtle) the tiny hatchlings will surface and make their way back to the ocean where they will grow to full maturity.  A life span of 80 years is feasible for sea turtles.  Following the relocation of the sea turtle eggs, The Department of Environment and Natural Resources gave a half day talk to the Stairway kids and staff about sea turtles and the environment.

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