Safer Internet Day 2013

In a study about online behaviors of children in the Philippines conducted by Stairway Foundation in 2012, 49% of those in the 10-12 years old age range have seen online pornography, while 72% in the 13-17 years old age range have seen online pornography either in the form of pictures, videos or animation.

Last February 5th, SFI in conjunction with Angelnet, the online child protection law enforcement arm of the Philippine National Police and the Break the Silence network, a network of NGOs in the Philippines working on child protection joined in on the worldwide observance of Safer Internet Day (SID).  SID Philippines 2013 focused on the launching of a Philippine research with regards to online safety.  Online rights is the right of children to maximize their own potentials through the use of the internet and technology.

Online responsibilities are the collective responsibilities of all of us in ensuring that we all maintain a safe online environment for children.