IKEA redesigns dolls for child protection policy

Anatomically correct dolls are routinely used in interviews of young children suspected of having been abused.

In our efforts to support the Philippine National Police Women’s and Children’s Desk in their work to protect children against abuse and exploitation, SFI prevailed upon IKEA to redesign their dolls and make them anatomically correct.

Last June 25th, 34 Women and Children Police Department (WCPD) chiefs and officers from sixteen regions of the Philippines gathered at SFI for a three day Regional Training on Child Protection Policy for the Philippines National Police (PNP).  Leading the delegation was Police Chief Superintendent, Juanita Nebran, Chief of the Women and Children Protection.  The highlight of the training was the turnover of 32 anatomically correct dolls to the WCPD and the representatives of the WCPD regional offices.  Another turnover ceremony of the IKEA dolls will be held in July for region 4B and Metro Manila.

Many thanks go out to Annie Hulden, designer and illustrator of the dolls, and Maria Thörn, Product Development Manager for Children’s IKEA.

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