Consuelo Foundation partners with SFI for CSAP workshop

“We should all understand the dynamics of child sexual abuse, the grooming process, who are the offenders and why there are so-called willing victims. Each of you should know the basic tools in conducting basic CSAP training for both children and adults.” Ace Diloy, SFI Training and Advocacy Officer

Last April 8-11, participants from Child Abuse Prevention and Intervention Network (CAPIN)-Pasay City attended a four-day training hosted by SFI in partnership with Consuelo Foundation.  The training focused on a more child friendly approach on encouraging disclosures and how to avoid blaming the victim.  During the 4-day session, participants became familiar with slang terms that are used interchangably with a person’s body parts as well as an in depth discussion about safe, confusing and unsafe touch.  The 4 day session was capped off with a performance of Cracked Mirrors, SFI’s longest running stage play.