A game of Hide and Seek leads a child to Stairway

Hide and Seek is a game that all children enjoy playing.  Everyone hides while whoever is the “It” tries to seek them out.  It was simple enough to play, but not for 10 year old Jolo, who one day played the innocent game with his siblings in an ironic twist of fate…

He was the “It.”  He counted to ten and went to seek them out.  He looked in bushes and behind tree trunks, but he could not find anyone.  “They are really good hiders,” he thought and continued looking until finally he got tired and gave up.  A strand of fear wove its way through his young mind, worried, he ran back to his house thinking he would find them there.  But when he arrived, the door was bolted shut.  He knocked and no one answered.  He cried and went away.

Jolo is the smallest, the youngest, and the one with the biggest smile of the entire batch of new kids who was accepted in Stairway’s Residential Program.

In the next 10 months, the new batch of children will attend school in Stairway, learn sports, discover their talents through creative activities, integrate with young people from international schools, develop respect and appreciation for others, environment and most of all themselves, as well as to learn about the issues and problems confronting street children.

During Jolo’s stay in Stairway, we hope that whenever he plays the game Hide and Seek, he will play it in the confidence that when he will “go and seek” someone out, they will be found.

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