A change in perspective for police cadets and social workers

Stairway’s advocacy arm, Break the Silence, has become a powerful force in disseminating adequate and practical information as well as giving training workshops on Child Sexual Abuse Prevention (CSAP) within the Philippine law enforcement.  SFI began trainings in 2006 with educating a few thousand police recruits, career course students and some senior officers from different Regional Training Schools.  A milestone was reached in 2009, when the chief of the Philippine Police National Training Institute endorsed the training to all schools, thus giving the SFI CSAP team access to all 17 Regional Training Schools nationwide.

A year later in 2010, another important milestone was reached with the CSAP team training social workers, provincial links and training specialists of DSWD’s Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps).

Engaging and interactive, the CSAP trainings have been overwhelmingly well received and have instigated a real change in attitude and perspective among participants.  They have helped to reshape participants’ views about Child Sexual Abuse and how society can help in the prevention and recovery of child victims.  The animation trilogy:  Daughter, A Good Boy, and Red Leaves Falling, which complements the trainings, has been an effective tool in leaving an emotional impact on participants.  Aside from the training content and the animation trilogy, the theatre piece, Cracked Mirrors, which is performed by survivors of child sexual abuse, is the cornerstone of the CSAP trainings.  It has been a genuine source of inspiration for the participants to work more with the children in the community and help prevent CSA.

The partnerships with the Philippine National Training Institute and the DSWD 4Ps is a truly significant step in expanding the Break the Silence network throughout the entire country to achieve one common goal- creating a better future for the children by emancipating them from experiencing sexual abuse and exploitation.

Please read participants’ comments below:

 “I am a parent and a Social Worker for so many years. I realized that I have been working for the children for so many years but there are times when I do not give much attention and focus to my own children. They should benefit all their rights. Rights must be exercised at home. Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse must start at home.”- DSWD 4Ps participant

“ We had been in the communities for many years teaching advocating for child protection but in some instances when client comes to us staying somebody touches them in a sexual way and other sexual advantages, we tell them not to file charges as it’s nothing serious and that no actual penetration.  Now we know that even if no penetration it is still child sexual abuse.” –DSWD 4Ps participant

“ I hope you can help me convince my wife.  She does not give our children a chance to express themselves.  Her way of dealing with them is so controlling and very strict.  Our children are not open to her.  Now that I know from the seminar about Children’s Right and the importance of child’s participation, I will be the one to give them the opportunity to express themselves at home.   If you have the same training for teachers in Mindanao, I would like my wife to join.  I will also teach my children the touching rules.”   –Junior Leadership course participant of CSAP session in ARMMTS Maguindanao

“Thank you so much for allowing me to attend your training.  While listening to your presentation, I realized that I was not a good father to my children. Last night I went home and for the first time in my life, I said sorry to my children for that.  Now I will try to be a better father to my children.  Again thank you very much.”-Senior Leadership course participant of CSAP session in ARMMTS Maguindanao

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