SFI and the DepEd partner for Child Protection Policy

Schools should be the second home for our children.  However, as long as abuse is still happening in many educational institutions that ideal will not come to fruition.

With the intent to create a more child friendly learning environment, the Department of Education (Dep Ed) recently came up with an initiative to mandate schools all around the nation to develop and implement Child Protection Policies (CPP).  To promote the idea and to assist in the development of the CPP, DepEd has requested support from NGOs with experience in child protection.

In line with this, Stairway hosted a 3-day workshop for school superintendents, principals, guidance counselors, teachers, special education coordinators and social workers, along with a number of our Break the Silence partners.  A total of 49 participants, representing 9 of the country’s 17 regions, attended the session to discuss and to strategize on how to move forward with the initiative, which potentially could be rather unpopular amongst a large portion of the country’s many teachers.