Sea Adventure School opens children’s eyes to a new world

“I enjoyed the snorkeling because I could see the coral clearly with the use of the snorkels and I can also see fish that I didn’t see in my entire life, not only fish but also other creatures under the sea.”

Last May 15th, Stairway launched its Sea Adventure School (SAS).  It is one of the components of our latest program called Environmental Awareness for Children and Youth (EACY).  Sailing twice a week throughout the month of May, children from the local community explored the mangroves, sea grass and coral reefs, and they learned about the beauty and importance of our marine ecosystems.

Reef-World Foundation developed the games, materials and provided the educators for the sea adventure trips.

A special thanks to Fiona Childs, Stairway volunteers and local volunteers, for opening the children’s eyes to a new world.

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