International Partners


Stairway is fortunate to have a network of international friends who share in the organization’s continuing struggle to end child sexual abuse and exploitation. These groups nourish the organization with their unflagging support. Primary of these is Stairway Denmark which was established with the sole purpose of assisting Stairway in its work to protect and to promote children’s rights in the Philippines and beyond. Stairway Denmark has played a most significant role in both the establishment and the consolidation of Stairway Foundation. It is through Stairway Denmark that we have been able to receive an almost consistent flow of support from the Danish International Development Assistance (DANIDA) all the way back from 1994 up to today.

While Stairway was heavily reliant on just a couple of funding partners during the initial years, the organization as of today has diversified and established strong ties with a number of international partners, who all together secure the financial foundation for our continued operation.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of you:
Active Aid Partnerships, Denmark
ADM Capital Foundation, Hong Kong
Axel and Paula Nissen’s Fund
DANIDA, Denmark
Embassy of Denmark in Manila, Philippines
Firetree Trust, Hong Kong
Grundfos, Denmark/Philippines
Hit Productions, Philippines
Kindernothilfe, Germany
Leger Foundation, Canada
The Marshall Foundation, Singapore
Phoenix Fund, Philippines
Roedkilde Gymnasium, Denmark
Roedovre Gymnasium, Denmark
Rotary Vejle Syd, Denmark
Singapore American School, Singapore
Scuba for Change, Australia
Skanderborg Gymnasium, Denmark
Solenegery, Philippines
Solidarite Cistercienne, Belgium
Sonion, Denmark/Philippines
Stairway Denmark
VEM, Sweden